Rene van der Bijl

In Testimonials by Keith Gilleard


The results were astonishing. Our new patient sign-ups went from an average of 4 or 5 per week to 12 – 20 per week.

“I hired Gilleard Dental Marketing to create a brand new marketing campaign for our dental practice. They guided us in every stage of the process efficiently and simply. First, they did a patient survey which was extremely revealing. The things that we thought were important to our patients were not, and it was like a light bulb had turned on for us. It became as clear as day how we should approach our marketing as well as what things we should improve in our practice to please our patients. The end result was a new website and promotional items that had the look and feel that properly reflected our practice and what patients find important.

“The results are really amazing; we had a very attractive-looking website before, but the new website attracts and closes far more patients because it emphasizes the right things and is simple and interesting to read.

“By combining this website with a really good AdWords campaign we have filled the appointment books of all five dentists and have increased our income dramatically. I can highly recommend using Gilleard Dental Marketing.”

Rene van der Bijl
Internet Marketing Program