When it Comes to Our Custom Magazine Distribution, More Equals More

November 2, 2018
by Robyn Bevens

We've Seen the Success.

One of the most unique aspects of Gilleard Dental Marketing is the extremely custom attention that is given to each new marketing piece.  Many hours are devoted to surveying each new client's patients to uncover the hot buttons that make each practice special. Our Custom Magazine Program is a prime example of this customization in action.  The survey results from your patients help us to customize each magazine so that it can be written and designed to attract your practice’s target goals.  This exact messaging combined with customized and monitored distribution routes make the distribution plan an easy numbers game to play.

Within our Custom Magazine Program we are able to target delivery by zip code or specific postal routes. Our distribution team uses key demographic data such as location, median age and household income to plan the best distribution of your magazine to accomplish the goals of your practice.  Due to this extremely targeted approach, we have discovered that when you increase your monthly distribution you will see an increase in monthly new patient inquiries.

As our magazine clients know, this program builds upon itself as the magazine enters into distribution. The shelf-life of each custom magazine marketing piece can be months long, meaning the magazine is saved for future reference instead of being thrown away like postcards or coupon inserts.   If a practice decides to take a month or two off of distribution, new patient calls from the magazine will almost always still continue to come in during those months.

With Gilleard Dental Marketing’s Print Distribution Team your net is cast not wide but directly,  reaching your clients in a targeted, planned and effective manner. The more magazines delivered each month means the more new patient inquiries you will receive from the magazine. And as you keep in mind the longevity of the magazine medium, you will continue to see results from your magazine long after each monthly distribution drop, making the Gilleard Marketing Magazine Program one of the most successful marketing programs available to dentists.

For more information on your current magazine distribution or to speak to our Print Marketing Manager, please email Robyn@gilleardmarketing or call 949-305-6927.

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