Why Print Marketing is Still Very Relevant

May 19, 2016
by Keith Gilleard

With the advent of the Internet, people’s methods for finding products and services underwent a dramatic transformation. Instead of relying on the phone book, catalogs and coupons, they switched to using search engines and directory sites such as Google and Yelp.

Everything you could need can be found on the Internet, including dental services. That would eliminate the need for print marketing such as direct mail, wouldn’t it?

Let’s take a closer look at that.

While you can find anything you are looking for on the Internet, what about the things you don’t know about? You can’t look for something you are unaware of.

Or what about the product or service that would be ideal for your needs, but you don’t happen to find it amongst all the other products vying for space on the Internet?

This is where print marketing comes in.

Print marketing takes various forms. Ads in newspapers and magazines, coupons, postcards, brochures and catalogs are the most common.

A printed piece sent to someone’s house or placed where it can be seen by the target audience, serves to let people know about a particular product or service, such as specific dental services you want to market.

However, there is still another problem: the sheer number of advertising messages out there.

How to get your message heard

Advertisements Times Square at night.

In our electronic age the methods of advertising and marketing have multiplied manyfold, making it hard to effectively impinge on an increasingly jaded public.

The head of a prestigious consumer market research company, Yankelovich, Inc., had this to say:

“Advertising clutter is the single biggest problem with marketing. Not just today, but as long as advertising has been around…Yet, consumers can process no more information today than they could before, and perhaps even less….The exact number [of ad exposures] may be hard to agree on, but it is an exponentially higher number with every passing decade. It’s a clutter of ad exposure that runs head on into the ever-constant cognitive capacities of humans. This makes it a crisis of marketing productivity.” — Dr. J. Walker Smith, Yankelovich, Inc.

While your print marketing piece is needed to reach that target audience who doesn’t look for or find you on the Internet, it is necessary to create a piece that will successfully grab people’s attention and get them to act. You have to apply proven marketing methods to the creation of the piece and a good dose of showmanship. Your print marketing piece has to stand out, and it has to have a strong communication that engages the reader.

Our Custom Magazine Direct Marketing Program

A selection of Custom Dental Marketing magazines

We created our Custom Magazine program to fulfill these requirements. The magazine size and their full-color, glossy 12- and 16-page format attracts attention and engages the reader. The magazine is full of photos of the dentist(s), the practice and patients; with custom copy written to highlight the strengths of the doctor and practice and the services they most want to deliver.

We apply scientific marketing methods to the creation of our custom magazine, including market research and proven formulas for creating a marketing piece for dentists that will really resonate with the target audience.

If you would like more information on our Custom Magazine Direct Marketing Program, please give us a call at 855-743-6310.

About the Author

Keith Gilleard
Keith Gilleard is President of Gilleard Dental Marketing. Gilleard has been providing effective and unique marketing programs for dentists since 2007.