Dan Marinic, DDS

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"To start a practice from scratch and to have 158 patients in three-and-a-half months is basically unheard of."

“Hi, my name is Dan Marinic. I'm a general dentist; I've been practicing about 33 years. I started doing full-mouth rehabilitation about 30 years ago, and currently our office does large implant cases, cosmetic cases, CEREC® cases and full-mouth rehabilitation. About 12 years ago, I did my first 16-page magazine with Gilleard in Evanston, Illinois, which is just north of Chicago, and it was wildly successful.

“Recently, I got tired of being cold and moved to Sedona, and started a practice from scratch. Didn't know a soul here. And before even I started building out the office, I went back to Gilleard and had them put together another magazine—and it's also a 16-page magazine—and we've been getting 50 new patients a month since we started the practice three-and-a-half months ago. These patients have asked for implants, full-mouth rehabilitation...

“So, the interesting thing about the magazine is, when we were developing the magazine, they asked what type of patients I would like to get. And the magazine actually attracts, because of the articles, the exact type of patients—the implant patients, the full-mouth rehabilitation patients, as well as cosmetic patients. And, when the patients come in, they already anticipate that they're going to have the work done here in our practice.

“So, to start a practice from scratch and to be able to have 158 patients in three-and-a-half months is basically unheard of. This is, as I said, our second magazine that we've done with them. Had a long relationship. They do a phenomenal job. They're working out our distribution plan—in fact, right now our problem is that we can't handle the number of new patients that are coming in, and we're trying to work on staffing properly so that the patients get a proper new patient experience.

“So if you're interested in growing a cosmetic practice, an implant practice, CEREC—give Gilleard a call and you'll be surprised at the number of patients that you'll be able to get to grow your practice. Thanks so much.”

Dan Marinic, DDS, FAGD, FICOI
Sedona, AZ

Dr. Marinic has been running a successful practice in Evanston, Illinois for 30 years, focusing on full-mouth rehabilitation, implants, cosmetic cases and CEREC. He has been a client of ours for over 12 years, and recently moved his practice to Sedona, Arizona.