Rishi Kapur, DMD

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Dr. Tarun Agarwal Dr. Tarun Agarwal

"Before sending out the magazine, we got about 2 full-arch cases every other month. We are currently getting 8 full-arch cases a month!"

"Gilleard's marketing provides our prospective patients an opportunity to connect with our dental office before they even arrive. The magazine educates them enough, and they feel like they already know you. They come in knowing they want the treatment and are just like 'How can we finance this? How can we do it?'

"We have been mailing magazines out for the last year, and have seen a huge increase across the board with new patients for dental implants, Invisalign and teeth in a day. Before sending out the magazine, we got about 2 full-arch cases every other month. As of November 2020, we are currently getting 8 full-arch cases a month!

"In an age of digital marketing, Gilleard's unique approach has set us apart from others. I cannot thank Keith and his team enough for their help. Thank you."

Update October 2021:

"The magazine is geared to the type of patients we want, the older demographic. It’s been phenomenal. Someone even came 10 months after getting the magazine, he had been waiting to come and see us. He had the magazine all crumpled.

"You have had a real positive impact on us. We were doing well before but it has really gone to another level and a lot of it can be attributed to the magazine and its content. We went from $3.5 million before the magazine to $4.5 million at the end of 2020 and that was with being closed for 2 months. Now we are on track for $6.5 million. Major credit goes to the magazine.

"I told one of our colleagues in Georgia about the magazine as he asked what our secret to success was. He signed up with you and said that after just one month of distribution of 5000 he made the money back from the magazine, and more.”

Rishi Kapur, DMD
Lilburn, GA

Dr. Kapur is a general and implant dentist in Georgia. His practice features himself and 4 other dentists. He wanted to increase their implant cases, specifically full-arch cases to grow his practice. He has been sending out the custom magazine for nearly two years.