Increasing New Patients – The Key Ingredients, Part 4: Marketing Synergy

December 26, 2014
by Keith Gilleard

It is well known by advertising and marketing pros that advertising works best when done as a campaign. You see an ad on TV to buy, let’s say, the latest BMW Then you see a billboard with the same message and imagery. And then you hear a radio ad, and see an ad in a magazine you like … and the next thing you know you are fully sold on getting the latest model BMW.

This is a marketing/advertising campaign. BMW’s ad agency will have other parts of their campaign roll-out, including Internet marketing, social media, sales relationships, etc.

The essence of a marketing campaign is the repeated message. The message should use surveyed “hot buttons” and have appropriate imagery to drive the message home. The targeted audience sees the message in different media and builds up an affinity and then a desire for the product.

A successful synergy for dental marketing

One of the most successful marketing combinations we have ever used in dental marketing is our custom dental magazine designed for one dentist, to be distributed to targeted areas in his town, in synergy with a good website.

Many of our clients who have this in place, double or even triple the amount of new patient calls they had gotten with only the website. And as our magazines heavily feature reconstructive and cosmetic-type services, they attract new patients who want to give their teeth or smiles a makeover.

Building an unstoppable marketing machine!

Other marketing that we have found helps build up this marketing synergy includes:

  • Mobile websites  –  mobile traffic has at least doubled for most of our clients over the last year
  • Postcards can work decently in conjunction with a good website
  • Newsletters to patients
  • Focus sites  –  a site dedicated to one service, such as dental implants
  • Adding high quality video to the website can increase new patient reach-in

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About the Author

Keith Gilleard
Keith Gilleard is President of Gilleard Dental Marketing. Gilleard has been providing effective and unique marketing programs for dentists since 2007.