Ryan Conkle, DDS

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Ryan Conkle, DDS

I can’t say enough good things about them and the process they use to get the magic formula, as it were, to make your office grow.

“I’ve been using Gilleard Marketing for about 4 years now. They are an amazing company to work with. They take an honest look at what is your business, where is it located, who are the people that are going to come to you and why. They look at how you can advertise what you’re able to offer them in a way that gets attention, but also lets people know that you have real value and skill to offer.

“I have a heavy emphasis on dental implants in my practice. We do the All-on-4 procedure and some other routine dental implant procedures. One of the reasons I hired Gilleard was I wanted to grow that part of my practice.

“It was incredible what they did. They sat down and looked at all the competition in our area, and looked at some demographic information on patients and people that live around us. They collected an enormous amount of data to try to understand what our office is, what our identity is and how we can best advertise and offer ourselves to the patients in our area. That process was exhaustive. I’ve never seen a company do something like that. A lot of advertising agencies, when you hire them, just have a clever postcard to send out or a tag line.

“After that data was collected they then came up with a comprehensive approach to put our best foot forward. How can we have an online presence; how can we have a print campaign; how are we going to have an internet campaign and a website presence that is really going to all tie together and create a constant and consistent flow of patients for us each month. That’s exactly what they did. It’s been phenomenal to watch. The numbers range anywhere from 25–30 new patient interactions just off of the website and internet marketing alone. That’s not even considering print media. And those are quality patients that come into the office and they end up doing procedures that really help the practice grow.

“The return on investment has been incredible. It’s been around 7–8 times the initial investment to start the campaign. They track every dollar you spend. They know exactly how many people are clicking on the Google AdWords ads, they know how many people call your office and where they came from. They even record the phone calls and listen to your staff and help you understand where along this process you can improve, from the patient finding out who you are to scheduling an appointment. They know what’s causing the person to actually come in and perform treatment with you. I think that alone—being able to track your dollars and understand how your spending is coming back to you and helping the bottom line of your business—is worth every dollar.

“I can’t say enough good things about Gilleard and the process they use to get the magic formula, as it were, to make your office grow.”

Dr. Ryan Conkle
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