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Custom Dental Marketing Program

Gilleard Dental Marketing programs provide unique, custom marketing services for dentists  and dental specialists that have been proven to work and provide high return on investment and increased practice profitability. Each of our programs is designed to help the dentist and dental specialist procure the type of cases they most want to deliver.

We make sure we understand your practice and your goals and provide dental marketing that is a true reflection of your strengths and philosophy of practice.

Our Custom Magazine Program is designed specifically to get our clients larger cases, such as implants, full-arch, cosmetic, orthodontics, laser periodontics and full-mouth rehabilitation. It can reach more target demographics for large cases than Internet marketing. It is also generally more cost-effective than Internet marketing for these types of cases.

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Custom Dental Magazine Direct Mail Marketing Program

This unique program gets superior results for our clients. It is especially popular with dentists who want to procure a steady stream of high-production cases such as implants and full-mouth cases. Our custom magazines are made just for your practice. They stand out from all other direct mail and are attractive, interesting and authoritative. They are designed to engage the reader and prompt him or her to go to your practice thus generating new patients. Our clients tell us how the magazine often pre-sells the reader, so that they come to their practice ready to sign up for the treatment they need.

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Dental Implant & Full-Arch Dental Marketing

We have a strong focus on dental implant marketing and we are very successful at it. Our clients routinely procure a good volume of implant and full-arch cases per month. We know how to position your practice so that you are the practice of choice for implant services.

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Get Your Front Office Trained on New Patient Scheduling

Many dental practices have front desk personnel that are not specifically trained in scheduling new patient calls. Your practice can lose many potential new patients and waste your marketing dollars. Typically we see scheduling ratios around 25 percent when we first start with a client. Scheduling ratios should be closer to 50 percent and above. We provide training programs that can take your front desk to that level and beyond to generate more income from your marketing as a result. 

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